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Book on Intercultural Job Interviews

Book on Intercultural Job Interviews

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - 12:00

Interpool Managing Director Tim Riedel publishes: Intercultural Job Interviews - How we can recognize the right ones, even if they look different from us – (the book is written in German)

When we conduct interviews, we like to imagine that we can find out the truth of how the candidates really are. Psychologically developed aptitide testing suggests that it is objectively possible to determine whether a person is fit for a job or not.

Taking intercultural job interviews as an illustration, interpool Managing Director Tim Riedel shows in his book how this is not true, and cannot be true afterall. It is our own perspective, and our own impact on the way the interview develops, which strongly affects how we evaluate our candidates. We do not see the candidate as they are, but we see them as we are. If we want to validly assess candidates who are culturally different from us, we must therefore reconsider the general approach our selection processes.

Based on the analysis of interviews with candidates from Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, the book draws on sources in cognitive psychology, neurology, and the whole spectrum of intercultural research, in order to prepare the readers for the dynamics of intercultural job interviews. In this manner we learn about the logic behind the answers of candidates from China, India, or Russia, and we realize what kind of reactions these cultural patterns trigger within us. Building on this groundwork, the author – as an intercultural trainer and recruitment consultant a practitioner himself – develops detailed recommendations for designing culturally sensitive interviews and assessment centers in our daily recruitment work.


„An excellent book.“ Katharina Heuer, Managing Director of the German Association for Personnel Management (DGFP)

„An exciting topic, presented in a highly readable and resourceful manner.“ Prof. Dr. Gunther Olesch, Vice President HR, IT and Legal Affairs, PHOENIX CONTACT Group

„An absolutely recommendable reading not just for recruiters.“ Stefan Brindt, General Manager Human Resources and Organization Development at SMS Siemag AG and Head of the Section Recruitment and Employer Branding at the German Federation of HR Managers (BPM)

„ Well-founded and written for practitioners - a must read for leaders in  international management and an absolute enrichment for anyone interested in international and intercultural studies.“ Frank Bannys, author of "Intercultural Management", since 2010 international management consultant, before that 20 years in various international management positions as Senior Vice President of Giesecke & Devrient group.

„Congratulations, that's a good throw!“ Prof. Dr. Jürgen Henze, Professor of Comparative Education at the Humboldt University of Berlin, consultant and trainer with a focus on Asian cultures and Chairman of the Institute for Intercultural Didactics (INDIC e.V.)


Presentation of the book are scheduled for

  • Tuesday, Sep. 29th from 18.30h, in Berlin in cooperation with the German Association for Personnel Management (DGFP) e.V.
  • Thursday, Oct. 8th from 18.30h in Berlin in cooperation with the SIETAR Regional Section Berlin-Brandenburg.
  • Tuesday, Nov 3rd from 18.00h, in Frankfurt in cooperation with the German Association for Personnel Management (DGFP) e.V.
  • Wednesday, Nov 4th from 18.00h, in Stuttgart in cooperation with the German Association for Personnel Management (DGFP) e.V., with an introduction by Ruediger Bechstein, VP Human Resources, Alfred Kaercher Group
  • Monday, Nov 9th from 18.00h, in Munich in cooperation with the German Association for Personnel Management (DGFP) e.V., with an introduction by Frank Bannys, Consultant, Trainer, former Senior Vice President Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, and Author of "Interkulturelles Management"
  • Tuesday, Nov 10th from 16.00h, in Düsseldorf in cooperation with the the German Federation of HR Managers (BPM)

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