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Competency Frameworks

Competency Frameworks

Designing meaningful competency frameworks in an international environment is a challenging task: they have to be in line with Headquarter culture, yet they still need to be cross-culturally transferable.

Competency Frameworks are implemented by an increasing number of companies. They serve as a comprehensive basis and compass for aligning all of the HR activities, such as recruitment, leadership training, performance evaluation, or succession planning. But how can one single competency framework be such a powerful tool in a global organization, across all of the cultural differences? How do we operate with such a framework in order to provide equal opportunities and standards for all of our employees, while at the same time giving room for national specifications, change, and new perspectives? How can we design such a model and also appear convincing to our international subsidiaries?

interpool accompanies and consults companies in every stage of the process when it comes to internationally operating with a competency framework. This may involve the design and concept phase, the roll out and implementation, or the application, e.g. in specific recruitment, appraisal, or internal talent management efforts.