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Executive Search

Executive Search

In international executive search, it is essential to build on the right networks. And to have the cultural skills and experience required for an on-target global preselection.

A strong global network of high level candidates, confidentiality, and a precise understanding of the targeted position are key to our international executive search projects. With a project background in more than 40 countries worldwide, we pride ourselves on our diligent and high-quality processes, as well as on our transparent communication and sustainable relationships with our clients, our candidates, and internally.

As such, we have been successful in building up our reputation as a boutique international Executive Search company with our focus on countries, such as China, India, Russia, United States, Brazil, France, the Emirates, and large parts of Eastern Europe and Latin America. In addition, our unique company structure, combined with our expertise in intercultural skills assessment, puts us in a position to recruit the right candidates in several countries at the same time.

Working with us, the question of hiring locals, expatriates or “third-country nationals” for an international management function is of secondary importance. We make this a matter of the job profile only: we find the best possible candidate for the position, wherever he or she may be based or originate from.