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Individual Assessments

Individual Assessments

When recruiting for high level positions, the assessment process requires thorough and individually tailored diagnostic methods.

Whenever a specific international vacancy needs to be filled on TOP Management Level – be it a CFO in Brazil, a managing director in India, or a plant manager in Russia – we conduct individual assessments in English or German with the designated candidates. These thorough analyses based on the job profile and on the competency framework of our clients include:

  • General performance-related tests of mental abilities and verbal or cognitive skills

  • Interculturally validated psychometric tests based on personality and behavioral preferences (and a joint evaluation of the test results together with the candidate)

  • Online-based assessment of cultural styles and preferences (and a joint evaluation of the test results together with the candidate)

  • Detailed individual job interview based on a variety of interview approaches (past behavioral, situational, value- and integrity-based) with a variety of interviewers and based on the most current research in aptitude testing, adjusted to different cultural styles and approaches

  • Roleplays (and a joint evaluation of the roleplays together with the candidate)

  • Presentations, casework and practical tasks to be solved based on the requirements within the targeted position

Following the assessment, we put together a detailed report including an assessment on strengths, weaknesses, potential for development, cultural imprint, and intercultural skillset of the candidate in relation to the targeted position, the company culture and the competency framework of the hiring company.

Interculturally adjusted individual assessments are also possible in a reduced format as part of a pre-selection process, e.g. by pre-assessing a number of candidates from a short-list to decide on favourite applicants who shall be invited to a personal interview later. These pre-assessments can take place via telephone, skype, other video conferencing formats (recorded or non-recorded) or on a face-to-face basis.