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Intercultural Training on India, France, and UK

Intercultural Training on India, France, and UK

Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 10:00

A group of country-specific intercultural interpool trainers recently held a mixed training on cross-cultural communication with India, France, and UK. Participants came from all ranks and industries, most of them interacting regularly with the featured countries in sales, customer service or project management roles.

The methodology employed was diverse and interactive as always, comprising role plays, short presentations, critical incident analysis, simulation exercises, and phases of self-reflection. Topics touched upon included German task and rules orientation, motivation and enthusiating French business partners, conducting efficient meetings in India, or critizising "politely" and getting commitment in the UK.

“I take a lot of good content, energy, and some very helpful contacts back home with me. The seminar was well organized – entertaining, and still not superficial at all,” commented Andrea El-Waheed, who herself works as an Intercultural Trainer for the Middle East.