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Our Approach

What will be different after our work has been successful? How is the business of our client affected by what we do? Are the measures adopted suitable to achieve the desired targets? We see our role in International Recruitment, Intercultural Assessment, Training and Development as business partners to achieve sustainable progress for all parties involved.

Diversity is a key driver for success and growth in the 21st century – both on a personal and business level. By enhancing the diversity of our workforce, we strengthen our flexibility and our innovative power. Of course, this requires a high degree of self-reflection and humility. We value diversity for all these aspects.

Values are central to our work. The highest of those is respect. Appreciation for our counterparts and loyalty both to each other and to our targets are the foundations of our work. This is something we also expect from our business partners.

It is our goal to achieve the best possible results by defining and implementing the most effective and tailored solutions for our clients. To achieve this, careful listening, creativity, openness, clear communication, reliability, courtesy and respect are key elements of our work​​.

To act with high integrity means to work with a high level of honesty and reliability. And it implies following an integrated, comprehensive effort, combining professionalism with a strong orientation toward relationships and a sincere desire to bring people forward in their endeavours.

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Our Approach

Focusing on recruitment and assessment in an environment of diversity and cultural differences, we combine our core competencies

Focusing on recruitment and assessment in an environment of diversity and cultural differences, we combine our three core competencies:

  • Scientifically and psychologically profound methodology in aptitude testing and skills assessment

  • Practical expertise gathered from more than 500 successful international recruiting projects carried out for German and international global players around the world

  • Didactic grounding as intercultural trainers and systemically trained consultants and coaches

In our work we operate on the basis of five guidelines which determine what we do and how we do it: Targets, Diversity, Values, Customers, and Integrity.