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Sustainability at interpool - our contribution to climate protection

Sustainability at interpool - our contribution to climate protection

Five Actions for Effective Climate Protection at interpool

1. Flying is very common among consulting businesses. We reduce our flights to an absolute minimum:

  • For all destinations that we can reach within 8 hours, we generally use trains & busses.
  • For destinations that are between 8 and 24 hours away, our employees are encouraged to use trains & busses. Interpool provides all resources necessary (accommodation, working time, etc.).

2. The electricity we use for our IT and offices comes from renewable sources:

  • We use 100% hydropower from the sustainable provider Lichtblick.

3. We encourage sustainable means of commuting for all our employees

  • In 2018, 95% of all commutes were done via foot, bicycle or public transportation.
  • We encourage sustainable commuting by subsidising public transportation tickets or company bicycles for our employees.
  • Since 2019, we do not offer company cars any more.

4. We measure our company footprint on a yearly basis

  • We use this data to come together yearly and decide on measures to reduce our largest sources of emissions.

5. We offset any emissions that we can't reduce

ClimatePartner supports us to offset any remaining emissions by sponsoring world-wide climate protection projects.